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Interesting Nuances Of CS GO That You Need to Know


CS GO has turned into one of the most famous shooter games in the world. Even though the franchise was introduced to players many years ago, its popularity keeps increasing today. Being one of the kings of esports, it offers a wide range of tournaments focusing on it. Even if you're already an experienced gamer at https://csgobettingz.com/, you might still not know all things. Here are some engaging facts that you might need to know about CS GO:

  • Message cancelling is possible. Nobody likes being trolled on the Internet, especially when you are trying to enjoy your favorite game. It can be an annoying and even embarrassing experience. How to deal with this problem? Is there any chance to disable the messages? Yes, there is. Thanks to IGNOREMSG, you will be able to turn off the incoming messages. Thus, you will continue the game and enjoy your online adventure.
  • There was no competitive format in the initial game version. People who are devoted CS GO players would be angry if the game has not skins or competitive mode options. This is especially the case since the game has gained a global popularity. But not many people know that the original format of the game did not feature any of these things. It used to be a simple game, involving no skins and matchmaking options.
  • Winnings can be withdrawn from the overpass ATM. Do you enjoy playing on the Overpass map? Do you know that there is a little trick to use? If you reach the A bombsite area during the match on Overpass, you can withdraw money from the ATM. There is a bank space letting you to get your money by using the "use" button. Quite useful, don't you think?
  • Music is available in CS GO. While you cannot play your favorite playlist, there is a way to get some music playing in the game. On the d-train map, you can find a table with a radio on it. There you may hear the Team Fortress theme song. Next time, when you want to have some extra fun, look for the radio when you play on the map.
  • Shadow cannot be seen. This may be quite strange, but you cannot see your own shadow in CS GO when you're in POV. Why is it so? Quite simple, POV cams don't feature a shadow render.

Closing Note

If you're one of the CS GO enthusiasts, then you may be interested in mastering new things about it in any possible occasion. Let's hope that the interesting facts mentioned in this post will make you online routine even more engaging.