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Dreams from Childhood Come True Thanks to Alanya Boat Trips


Alanya Boat Trips

It had been in August 1651. Young Robinson Crusoe against the wishes of his parents got aboard for the sea voyage. Despite wrecking his desire for the sea was so strong that he was a sailor. One similar story is told about the famous French novelist Jules Verne. Allegedly, in 1839, at the age 11, intending to travel to the Indies and bring back a coral necklace for his cousin Caroline. Unfortunately for him at the first stop at Paimboeuf he met his father Pierre Verne who arrived just in time to catch his son and make him promise to travel "only in his imagination". Who has never craved for such a kind of adventure? Just fancy - listening to the sea, discovering unknown lands, showing courage to fight against storms or pirates... Almost everything you can imagine now on a boat trip in Alanya.

Discover the Beauty of Life on the Sea on Boat Trips

The cruises on boats can resemble real voyages. They last long enough, the passengers spend the complete day on the board. The town with its fortress and famous caves and coastline look quite different from the ship. When the crew says GoodBye to the town and starts sailing to open, one can feel like a true sailor. However, instead of hard work, there is lunch, all we combine the daily cruises with sunbathing and swimming. Do you mind it?

If It Is too Little, You Need an Extra Programme

Who can't relax on the board, can add to sailing, diving or snorkelling? The pirate's tour which follows the former pirates route could be a suitable alternative, too. There are foam parties and kid's animations, no time for boredom. Who needs something to do all the time, should go fishing. The trip is called the “Big Game Fishing” and it is a sea expedition indeed. The staff of the small boat (capacity 30 people) provide all the equipment (fishing line, fishing rods, bait). Client's task is to get up early in the morning and try his luck. The common fish you can catch here are levrek (bass), çupra (bream) or mercan. If you are successful, your breakfast will be delicious and extraordinary - a fresh fish grilled on the board. It's so tasty and makes the hunter so proud of his skills!

When Darkness Comes...

Do you prefer the sunset to the dawn? The half-day trip starting in the afternoon and ending in the evening at the dinner when guests eat and watch the glorious sunset is the most popular one. But the night is still young. You needn't be a teenager to enjoy the party on the Disco boat. It starts from Alanya harbour in the evening. During the trip, you can watch a beautifully illuminated Alanya harbour, promenade, highlighted historic walls on Castle Hill which is an overwhelming view indeed. Then the fun goes with the crazy rhythms and Turkish disco hits. When it finishes and the ship drops its anchor party animals don't have to go to bed. They can stay in the city and continue to party on their own in one of the nearby clubs. It's a great opportunity to make new friends, see the town at night and experience proverbial summer love.

Privacy is important and “some like it hot”

How many people are going to be on the ship? The decision is yours. If you want to sail on your own as a millionaire or the company of your closest friends is everything you need you can rent a private yacht. Of course, the staff is there prepared to sail wherever you order. The presence of Marylin Monroe on the board is not guaranteed, but it is a luxury adventure even without her and everyone can afford this.

Have you ever sailed? Are you afraid of seasickness? Can you resist the temptation of boat trips while sitting at the deckchair? What do you think of night cruises?