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Useful Tips on How to Start Betting on Hockey


Today, the popularity of hockey bets is very high. After the appearance of the KHL, MHL and VHL, interest in hockey bets almost instantly grew several times. New interesting teams appeared, new names appeared in the race for leadership.

In addition to the classic bets on the winning or draw outcome of the game, new ones have appeared, which you should learn to bet at https://hockeygamebets.com/ successfully. Which team will be the first to score? Whether there will be deletions and individual totals of participating teams? Which team will win the face-off, etc. You should learn all of these things.

How to Get Started?

Betting on hockey is not so difficult, even a beginner can figure it out. You just need to spend some time to analyze the statistics. Just one team is enough! Generally speaking, in betting on hockey, you can't turn to pseudo-predictors, indulge in emotions or a sixth sense, you just need to think a little with your head and work out your strategy at the bookmaker.

Features in betting theory

The classic types of bets P1, P2 and X - respectively, the victory of the first team, second or draw. You can also meet bets on 1X, 2X or 12 - these are double outcomes, that is, the victory of the first or a draw, the second or a draw or, the victory of the first or second team. You can also bet: handicap -1.5, -2.5, -3.5. This type of betting is given by bookmakers for those matches in which a clear favorite plays against an outsider.

For example, Handicap -1.5 on the leader will play if he wins by an margin of 2 goals (2: 0, 3: 1, 4: 2, etc.). Pay attention to this type of bet as moneyline. These are bets on the victory of some team, but in case of a tie your money will be returned!

What Should You Know Before Placing a Bet?

Remember that hockey is a team game. And the outcome of the match will largely depend on the teamwork of the team, on how much the team players understand and feel each other. Now almost every team has its own official web resource. And therefore, finding information on the composition of the team will not be difficult. There you can find out about the latest transfers in the team.

No matter how super-professional a beginner is, it will not be difficult for him at first. Also, view information about the latest matches and the condition of the team players, maybe someone is injured or just walked away from a difficult illness. Also do not forget to analyze the coaching team. See the history of achievements and coaching staffs. Often, after the appointment of a new coach, the team wins the first match. But if the team is opposed by a clear favorite, it may not work!