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Scratch Map: What Exactly Can You Do with Your Map?


The erasable scratch map of the world has several names - a map for a traveler, just a map with an erasing layer, or even a plan of how to conquer the world. It is a wall poster of a large size. Previously, after processing, multi-colored countries and continents are printed on it, and then the application of a special layer erased by a coin is used. Some maps hide surprises - they have interesting questions, marked mysterious phenomena, wonders of the world, pictograms. There are a lot of different scratch maps. Select a map to scratch on this website's page to find the map that will perfectly suit your wants and needs.

Plan Your Trip with the Help of the Scratch Map

Traveling is the most enjoyable way of having a vacation. However, it involves certain difficulties as well. Thanks to the innovative scratch map, you can easily plan your route. Draw anything you want on the map directly. Don't worry! You will be able to erase the wrong route or remove your comment whenever you want. It is very convenient as the map is always with you. Mark those places you would like to visit most and those, which you have already seen leaving the comments not to forget which emotions and impressions you had while having a journey.

Present a Scratch Map to Your Friends-They Will Be More than Happy!

It is possible to buy a scratch map of the world as a gift to a friend or a relative or even yourself, to decorate the room, and plan trips. As a present, an erasable map will appeal to a person of any age, gender, and status. In children, it will develop a craving for knowledge, in adults, it will help to expand horizons. As a family gift, the map will bring a lot of new and interesting things to your home evenings. It will be useful for anyone who is fond of traveling. You can order an individual design to personalize your scratch map and enjoy unique traveling experience with the map.

Using a Scratch Map is as Easy as ABC!

How to use a scratch map of the world? In application, a scratch-layer map is very simple - it is easy to allocate countries while visiting them, using the marks for travel planning. To do this, you just have to erase the layer by analogy with lottery tickets or protection cards for SIM-boxes and PIN-codes. Under the protective layer, you will find the colorfully painted country. To remove the remnants of the upper scratches, use a felt shredder, it can be bundled, or simply shake the crumbs. If you open one country and then the other country, you will open a beautiful canvas that looks great in the interior.