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The Most Common Dota 2 Mistakes to Avoid


Once you start the game, nothing will look like a piece of cake in the beginning. If you have nobody around you who can give you some hints, you will find it difficult to make the right decision. Here are the most common Dota 2 mistakes you should avoid as a beginner and a high roller at dota2-bets.com.

  1. Chasing opponents

    One of the major goals for every team during a Dota 2 game is to defend the towers from opponents. If your enemies manage to destroy your facilities, the game is over for you. Thus, apart from protecting your towers, you should try to kills as many enemies as possible. At the same time, you should avoid one of the most common mistakes is an attempt to chase enemies for a long time. No matter how hard you try to kill them, you should keep an eye on them. While you are hunting on them, they are hiding in the fog and waiting to attack you.

  2. Buying wards

    You are there to collect gold and buy something for your hero. Wards are some of the most useful items you could buy because they demonstrate to you where the enemies are planning to go. Whether you play support, jungler, carry, or anything else, you might want to use wards to know where the enemies are. Thanks to wards, you can even identify the paths used by the enemy.

  3. Destroying lanes too early

    Don't forget that Dota 2 is more about destroying the enemy towers than eliminating the opponents. But people who have just stepped into the game will find it hard to rush forward and come back over and over again. This is why so many beginners are doing the mistake to push the lane and fail in the match. Navigate here to find more detailed information about this kind of mistakes.

  4. Missing runes

    Runes can be really useful if you use the properly. Their major purpose is to help you in winning team fights. But if you fail to get them, you most likely lose the game. Generally, you have around 4 runes at the beginning of the game, and then you have additional 5 runes every few minutes. You should always check the timer to find out when runes are there and apply them in your team's favor.

  5. Missing communication

    You should cooperate with your Dota 2 teammates if you want to succeed in a game. This is where communication will be of great help. Thanks to a chat option, you can task to other members of your time anytime.

In the end, it's crucial to enjoy the game. And don't get upset if you make a mistake, it is a normal thing both for newcomers and high-rollers.