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A Guide to HearthStone for Beginners


If you first launched a card game from Blizzard, be sure to read this article! HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft is a collectible card game created around the universe of World of Warcraft. Blizzard has made sure that it becomes a monoplatform and you can continue to develop the deck using different devices. Start battles from your home PC, click here and continue to win from your mobile device.

As soon as you start the game, you will see the official trailer. It will automatically be offered to play training meetings against AI, where they will reveal the basics of the gameplay: what is required to win, alternate turns, what are manna crystals, basic skills of the characters of the universe. Let us dwell on each of these stages and learn HearthStone tips . This will help to start playing, because without fundamentals it is impossible to understand all the mechanics.

How to Start Playing HearthStone?

Check the useful tips on HearthStone below:

  • First quest: Defeat the Crusher. You will learn what is useful for winning in confrontations with opponents. If in DotA the main goal is to destroy the throne of any value, then for success in HS it is enough to reduce the number of enemy life points to 0.
  • Destroy the Dwarf. It tells about manna crystals. The gamer who makes the first move starts with 1 unit of this resource. After the opponent's round, the number of manna will increase by 1 and up to 10. The user who starts next gets a coin at the beginning. It gives an additional cell, but only until the tenth round (more than ten units does not increase).
  • Third Mission: The Keeper of History. The test tells that not only Heroes have vital forces. Creatures you summon have health and attack values as well. The first are displayed at the unit on the right, the second - on the left side. Attack - the damage that a creature inflicts on an enemy unit. Health - shows how much damage a unit will sustain before dying. Interesting fact: the ex-director of HS Ben Broad once said that they will not remove / remake the "Magma Fury". Argued by the fact that this card illustrates how important the balance in units is. A creature without the proper amount of attack will be useless with a high hit score.
  • The fourth mission: Glory to the king! During the battle against King Mukla, you need to correctly calculate the resources. Trump cards will be "provocations" that will protect against powerful enemies called the monkey king. Provocation (Taunt) - the enemy is forced to attack her.

Hope now you have a better uncderstanding on how to start playing HearthStone and achieve the desired results.