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A Complete Guide to Playing Dota 2: The Basics You Need to Know


To learn how to play well in Dota 2, you need to know 6 basic rules. These rules should be known to every Dota 2 player, especially the novices who have not mastered all the secrets and the subtleties of the game. They will help beginner players feel confident and make contact with their allies, moreover, they will be helpful when making bets on popular games using csgoeasybets.com and enjoying many great opportunities.

Rules Every Dota2 Beginner Player Should Know

Check the basic rules for Dota 2 playing and get started!

  1. Think about choosing a hero. Dota 2 has over 100 heroes, and they are all powerful in their own way. The hero needs to be chosen based on the situation. There are so-called antiheroes for virtually every character. That is, they kill by default, overcome other heroes. If you intend to win, do not click on the "Random" button, because your entire team may suffer because of this. Having chosen the hero at random, you cross out all the plans of the team and have to invent a new strategy, and far from the fact that the victorious.
  2. Collect the necessary items. The collection of artifacts is one of the most important parts of the game. This aspect needs to be taken seriously. You do not need to buy the recommended items all the time, you can leave them. Sometimes, the purchase of one proper item can be suppressed by an enemy hero, and sometimes even several.
  3. Moral. It means the morale of the whole team. If an ally makes a mistake, you do not have to immediately insult him and call him the last words. It will be much more effective to encourage the teammate, then he will most likely not make such a mistake anymore. Be more loyal, because you too can be mistaken, and then you will also start offending.
  4. Do not forget to look at the mini-map. Many novices do not even use a mini-card, but in vain. After all, it displays all the information about what is happening on the map now. If an opponent left your ally from the line, and he forgot to say, you can follow it on the mini-map or to attack an enemy hero at the expense of a favorable position. One cannot underestimate the importance of a mini-card, it will help you win the game.
  5. Help the team. Dota 2 - first of all, a team game. Do not try to do everything alone, communicate better and help your team. Most often get together and attack your opponents. It's much more effective, attacking one.
  6. Do not give up. In this game, even if you are lagging behind gold and experience, one successful fight can turn everything around. Under no circumstances should you give up, in Dota 2 you need to play until the victorious end. Develop an action plan with your allies and try to turn the game into your own side.

It's just a game. If you lose, do not take it close to your heart. You will still have many games, you should not waste your health on entertainment. Treat yourself to the game and you'll see how things will change. Follow Dota 2 guide and become a professional player.