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Lakeshore Meadows is a family run operation involving Leroy, Pat, Darren and Kari Van Roekel. We have been raising alpacas and llamas since 1994, during which time our herd has grown from 3 to 20. Through selective breeding, we are improving the quality of our animals and look forward to an exciting future in the alpaca industry.
We are a small farm, therefore we are able to handle each animal often. As a result our alpaca and llama friends are very comfortable with their human caretakers. We have quality alpacas and llamas "for sale" and invite you to visit us or phone and request information about the animals available. Please call 768-3004 to arrange an appointment.

Alpacas and llamas are curious by nature, so it is with ease one can take them to explore their surroundings.

The heat of summer warrants shearing our llamas and they provide us with beautiful fiber which is spun and used to make sweaters, or felted to make a a variety of items such as hats, boot liners, mittens and often fiber artists use it to make designer vests and jackets.

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