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To My Campers:  

It is with deep sadness that we must let you know that West Bay Beach Resort will be closing. The words do not come easily-we know this will be devastating to many of you as you have come for so many years, having your children here on your annual vacations and now your children are bringing your grandchildren.  It has been 35 years since we started and we were young things then. But the years have passed and Leroy and I are at the retirement stage of our lives and we want to do some travelling ourselves before we get too old for that.

You have become more than customers to us. We often feel during the summer that we are just one huge family. It has always brought us much pleasure to watch you enjoy the beach and the field where you have enjoyed basketball, tennis, ball games, etc. I have often envied people, who when they pass away, have made a difference in the world. But then one of my customers mentioned what wonderful memories we have given to everyone. We hope that you will continue to enjoy those memories of the years you and your families have spent together here at the resort. You can mark this place on the scratch map for better memories. You can also mark the most impressive sights there. We realize that there will be many emotions brought on by this-extreme sadness, anger and we regret being responsible for that. We did have a dilemma about re-booking, knowing there was a deal pending. But some of you old timers realize that we have had three deals fall through, so there was never anything for sure.  This is a step that Leroy and I must take at this time. It will be difficult for us too, as we love living on the property with two of our children, their spouses and five of our grandchildren. However, things change with time, and it is now time for us to move on.

With a deal pending we had thought that we would have known at the beginning of summer. That's a nice time for using night vision. But we have just found out that it has gone through and are notifying you immediately about basics you need to know. Useful tips will also help. Also pay attantion to the guide for beginners. We are actually thankful that you could enjoy your summer holiday with us and this year without worrying about it being your last year. We had thought it would have been good for you to all know as then good-byes could have been said-but it would have been hard on all of us.

We are very sorry to bring you this news and we hope that you will keep in your hearts the fond memories of the time spent at West Bay Beach Resort. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support through the years-we were very very fortunate to have such wonderful people sharing our property with us.

Could you please let us know by email that you have received this letter and cash the check at your earliest convenience.
With tears in our eyes and sadness in our hearts we say good-bye.

Leroy, Pat, Darren and Jodi.

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West Bay Beach Resort - RV Campground
3745 West Bay Road
West Kelowna, BC, V4T 2B9